Spring Cleaning: Get That Stink Out Of Your Dishwasher

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Spring Cleaning: Get That Stink Out Of Your Dishwasher

26 March 2015
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Over time, have you noticed that your dishwasher has developed a distinct odor? Does a slightly bad smell hit your nose every time you open up the dishwasher to take out or put in dishes? If that is the case, your dishwasher is in need of some serious spring-cleaning.

Clean Out The Food Filter

Every dishwasher has a food filter or food trap in it somewhere. The food filter is essentially a giant strainer, which catches large food particles and stops them from going down the drain

Most food filters are located on the bottom of the dishwasher, somewhere near the back. If you can't find the food filter, look in your dishwasher's manual for further assistance.

You should be able to easily pull out the food filter. Once you get it out, dump any food particles that are stuck in it into the trash. Then, use soap and warm water to wash it off before you put it back. You may also need to use a washcloth or paper towel to clean the area where the food trap sits.

The food filter in your dishwasher should be cleaned out at least once a month.

Wash Your Dishwasher

Every once in a while, you need to run your dishwasher without any dishes in it and with a special cleaning agent. The two most common cleaning agents you can use for this process are baking soda or white vinegar.

If you choose to use baking soda, just place it in the slot where you normally put the dishwashing detergent. Then, close up your dishwasher and run a normal cycle. The baking soda will clean all the elements inside of your dishwasher, and will neutralize any odors.

If you choose to use white vinegar, you are going to need to budget in time for two wash cycles due to the strong smell of the vinegar. Add the vinegar into the detergent slot, close up your dishwasher, and allow one normal cycle to run. After that cycle is over, add some regular dishwashing detergent, and run another cycle without any dishes.

The white vinegar will kill any bacteria that are growing inside of your dishwasher, and the extra cycle will take away the strong smell of the white vinegar.

By simply cleaning the food trap inside of your dishwasher, and using natural products found in your home, you should be able to quickly eliminate that funky smell from your dishwasher. If you use these methods and the dishwasher still smells, it may indicate a more serious issue with the appliance, and you should contact a local appliance company that offers dishwasher repair